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 Books and Online Research Databases One Search Login

Boulevard Heights Elementary School

This is an online, searchable public access catalog for all books, audiovisual materials, and District databases in
Broward County Schools.
School & Home Access URL: or BEEP Student Portal (Doorway 2) or from BHE's school website.

Always login via your school location, first time in, bookmark site.

Boulevard Heights Elementary School

Students: login = 10 digit student number
Password = birthdate with slashes (e.g., 06/22/1993)
SBBC Employees: login = p+8 digit ID no. (e.g., p00012345)
password = 8 digit ID number (e.g., 00012345)

Destiny features that support reading instruction:
Student interface Destiny Quest:

1. Students can narrow their search by author, subject, genre, series, awards, language, format, location and
identify Accelerated Reader information electronically.

2. Students can easily tap into District online subscription databases (Grolier, Worldbook, Gale, Sirs, Teaching by using One Search feature.

3. Students and teachers can create lists to collect, gather, share and cite information for research or enrich
curriculum content.

4. Title Peek feature allows students to preview book electronically.

5. Virtual shelf browsing allows students to see what is sitting next to book on the shelf in the library from
home and school.

6. Students can rate, write and upload video booktalk reviews that will appear in the school’s online catalog
when title is pulled up.

7. Quest Interface pulls data for “Top Ten” books circulating in school library and promotes new arrivals.

Teacher Interface: Standards Search with curriculum alignment to district resources, accessing district databases via one search, ability to create resource lists for students.




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