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These links include

  • News Show Content - links to information that you may want to use on your school news show, and

  • Student News Crew Web-sites - links to web-pages about schools creating TV programs.

News Show Content

Today in History (Library of Congress) Information Please Almanac
Word of the Day (Merriam Webster) The Old Farmer's Almanac
Any Day in History Yahoo! Weather
Black Facts (searchable African-American History) The Weather Channel

 Character Traits of the Month


There’s not a spot where CHARACTER is not! . “Character – The Core of Our Lives”.

8 Character Traits 

 We at the Office of Prevention know that character is at the core of who we are as individuals, and enhancing our character will in turn, enhance our health and well being, helping to prevent violence and substance abuse.  The 8 essential core character traits that we work to enhance in our District are:

  1. COOPERATION (September): Working with others to accomplish a common goal.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY (October): Meeting obligations by being reliable, accountable, and dependable to self and others.
  3. CITIZENSHIP (November): Knowing, understanding, and displaying a high regard for rules, government, heritage, and for those who have served and sacrificed for community and country.
  4. KINDNESS (December): Being helpful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and considerate.
  5. RESPECT (January): Showing consideration, understanding, and regard for people, places and things.
  6. HONESTY (February): Being truthful, trustworthy, and sincere.
  7. SELF-CONTROL (March): Having discipline over one’s behavior and actions.
  8. TOLERANCE (April): Recognizing and respecting the differences, values, and beliefs of other people.


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